Item No.: 411K21 / 110V / 1200VA / 3+3 Socket
Item No.: 411K22 / 220V / 1200VA / 3+3 Socket

•  Quiet, reliable operation and compact in design for your convenience
•  Prevents computer crashing due to short power breaks or
•  Audible alarm indicates power failure and test button ensures
r  eliability
•  Avoids harsh shutdowns or crashes and the potential corruption of
•  Protects components and data from power surges due to lightning
•  Gives time to save open files and newly input data in the event of a
   power failure
•  Extends the life of sensitive components through voltage regulation
   and filtering
•  Protects delicate components from damage by spikes and power    irregularities
•  Prevents internet download crashes due to momentary power    interruptions


   3 Battery Protected Outlets + 3 Surge Suppresion Outlets





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