Item No. USR2309
USB A type Male to RS232 DB 9pinMale

•  Fully compliant with USB specification V2.0 Supports the •  RS232 serial interface Supports automatic handshake
•   Over 1MB transfer rate
•  Supports 56K modems
•  IBM PC & Mac compatible
•  Supports remote wake-up and power management
•  USB Bus-powdered, no external power adapter required •  No need to install an Add-on card, no more IRQ conflicts

System Compatible:
1. Pentium-class CPU with USB port PC
2. 1 available USB type A (downstream) port
3. Computer Running: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
(32/64-bit) Auto-download driver via Windows Windows Vista, XP driver technical support are discontinued Mac OS X Linux OS Android



Recently we have got some emails from Omega customers regarding USR2309 , USB to RS232 and they sent some picture of counterfeit production to confirm originality.
Unfortunately all of those are counterfeit and low quality and not produced by Omega Technology INC.
For supporting our valuable customers and to make it clear, Omega Technology INC. announce that our last production of USR2309 ( USB to RS232) has done in June2021 and you can see photos at below. we will update this post later regarding our newer production. Any other similar production is counterfeit and we have no responsibility of any data losing and device damage if using those counterfeit products. We also have sent pictures of those counterfeit productions to all our Agents to be aware of it.

619,445 Warning Sign Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock Omega USR2309 produced in June 2021 has developed by latest chip version PL2303GT series from Taiwanese manufacturer. PL2303HXD chip series has discontinued years ago and no more in production line of Taiwanese manufacturer. So All products with PL2303HXD chip using FAKE low cost China made PL2303HXD chip.



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